Monday, 4 May 2015

Energy Week - Showing off Our Sector

This week's blog features information provided by District Principal Brian Campbell and his wonderful team within the Career's Education Program. May 3rd to 8th is Peace Energy Week featuring opportunities for both local students and students from other districts in experience our area's energy sector first hand.

The Peace has an abundance of ongoing energy projects both completed and proposed. These range from wind, solar, oil and gas, hydroelectric and geothermal sources. As our local industry is primarily resource based, the educational system is working to provide students with local learning opportunities that allow them to live, study, and stay in the North. Northern Lights College delivers training in many technical trades, such as Power Engineering, as well as arts and science programs, such as Licensed Practical Nursing. The many college programs available at Northern Lights College support our local community needs. The programs are also available to Grade 12 students as dual credit programs, which expose and prepare our students to local career opportunities.

Through the Northern Opportunities partnership there is a positive working relationship between the three school districts (59, 60 and 81) as well as Northern Lights College, local industry and Aboriginal groups. This makes it possible for a collaboration to exist in order to bring energy to the forefront and connect students to local industry. Industry needs skilled workers and the education
system has programs to support this need. The school district Career departments strives to introduce students to the career opportunities through hands on learning, work experience, apprenticeship, college training and university transfer courses.

Our province benefits from the abundant resources of the area. However, there is limited exposure for students considering employment in the trades. Students from all over the province would benefit from visiting and learning about educational and career opportunities available to them in the North. By inviting students up to the Peace, they can take back their experiences to other students around the province and really highlight what we have here.

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