Monday, 9 March 2015

Safe Stop: Making Our Transportation System Safer

Recently District Transportation Supervisor Mike Fitzgerald let the trustees know of a new campaign one of his drivers has brought forward for the the district to promote. Called Safe Stop, the program addresses the issue of motorists who illegally pass school buses. 

Over 2200 students ride our bus system every day. Our drivers work hard to ensure that our transportation system isn't just efficient, but that it is also one of the safest ways for students to get to our schools. With an ever increasing number of vehicles sharing the roads with our buses, more close calls or near misses happen every day. Its important that the motoring public understand that when the buses stop, they need to stop too. Passing a stationary school bus when its red lights are flashing is both dangerous and illegal.  When you see a bus slowing and putting on its yellow flashers are you one of those persons who speeds up to avoid the inconvenience? Or do you remember that student safety is everyone's business and slow to a stop? Make the safer choice and help keep our students safe.

Spring Break will soon be here and for two weeks our buses will be off the road. Until the holidays arrive, and after they are over, please keep our drivers and students in mind. April 24, 2015 has been identified as Safe Stop Day. As that date approaches, the district will be running an information campaign to inform educate and alert parents, students and drivers to proper bus behavior and etiquette. Students can help with the campaign as well by observing safe waiting, loading and disembarking procedures. Students should always stand in safe areas when waiting for their ride, should never cross behind the bus and always clear the road in a safe and timely manner leaving the bus.

Virtually all our students ride a school bus at some point in their school years. Nearly 40% of our students take one everyday. Please help us to ensure that their ride to and from school is a safe one.