Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Contributions Big And Small

Its no accident that SD 60's number one goal is social responsibility. We want all our students to develop into good citizens, willing to contribute and give back to their community to help build a better future for all. Its great when community partners model that same spirit by making contributions to the district that work for the benefit of our students. Such contributions come in all sizes, and all are welcomed.

For example, Moose FM has for the past two years contributed towards the establishment of a scholarship to support students hoping to follow a career in music or the performing arts. Our local country radio station 100.1 Moose FM is a keen supporter of local music and as such has also been a supporter of the district band program. Their example is just one of the many different ways that local businesses contribute to enhancing programs at our community schools.

On a slightly larger scale, the district was recently pleased to accept a donation of over $74,000 earmarked for refreshing the district's shop equipment from Project Shop Class, an initiative of the Construction  Foundation of British Columbia. Generously supported by corporate partners such as Shell Canada, Project Shop Class is an effort to help enhance the training experience offered in middle and secondary school shop classes. The funds will be used to purchase new equipment for shops across the district, benefiting hundreds of students. The assistance is timely, and right in line with the provincial government's Skills for Jobs Blueprint that recently saw the job fair program Find Your Fit come to Fort St John.

Our district motto is "Together We Learn". Whether its a local business making a contribution to promote programs in music and performing arts, or large corporate partners helping to bring upgrades to shop programs that will promote careers in the trades, its important that we all work together in enhancing learning opportunities for students. Making positive contributions to our communities models social responsibility, demonstrates good corporate citizenship and helps our students gain skills they can use to succeed in life.

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