Saturday, 18 October 2014

Its Great To Be Back

School has been back in session for about a month now, and I have to say - its great to be back. With new agreements in place, everyone can get back to education matters. Start up may have come later than many had hoped for, but when it came, everyone returned with the energy and enthusiasm our district is known for.  

I had the good fortune to participate in the welcome back pancake breakfast at CM Finch, and it was wonderful to see the genuine care rekindling positive relationships between the school and its community. The food prep team at Finch whipped up a steady flow of pancakes, helping to start off many people's year with smiles and full tummies. Similar events took place at many other district schools as well, demonstrating an eagerness from all, to get off to a great start.

Also welcome was the return of district extra curricular sports. The fall school soccer season has never been a long one, and getting off to a late start might have deterred some from playing any soccer at this year. Instead, staff, students and administrators swung into action and staged a successful tournament that served as a great kickoff to the elementary sports year. Cross country running has also returned. A little too slow to keep up as a runner these days, I've been able to help out the cross country events serving as the bike riding " rabbit",  leading runners around the course, and the  slowing cruising "drag-in" circling after the last runners, ensuring the course is clear and that the last runners have finished. Both the speed of the front runners and the determination of those who finish further back have been inspiring!

Its not just on the playing fields that things are getting back to normal. All across the district staff and students have returned to classrooms eager to participate in learning. Having just returned off the Thanksgiving break, I think we are all thankful to be back doing good work together. With so much happening across the district it has been difficult to find the time to write about them. Getting back to Education Matters feels good, and I look forward to again providing regular posts and updates.