Monday, 26 May 2014

Bike To Work Week - Time to Get Re - cycling!

May 26 - June 1st is Bike to Work Week in BC. As outlined at  their website Bike to WorkWeek is organized by Canada Bikes in partnership with independent cycling leaders, organizations and government representatives, and begins on Monday, May 26th in different locations across the country. Bike to Work Week is about bringing together cyclists, cycling organizations and members of all three levels of government to highlight the importance of cycling development in Canada as a healthy, environmentally and economically friendly form of physical activity and transportation. And once you've started with a first day, it gets easier to bike the rest of the week!

Biking to work can a bit tricky in the North Peace. Given our extended winters, the propensity for works crew to throw lots of gravel down to battle ice and the number of large trucks that share our roads, riding any kind of cycle can be an adventure. Personally I prefer two wheels to four at this time of year, and ride my Honda scooter to work on a regular basis. Turning in my motorized transport for pedals requires planning and some determination. I would need to categorize my pedal bike more of a try - cycle, seeing as when I'm biking I've got two tires beneath me, and a spare one that seems to have developed around my middle.

Certainly cycling is worth the effort. The website Bike Radar lists 30 reasons for taking up cycling. They range from the obvious environmental  benefit to improved physical fitness and wellness, through to less obvious factors such as the ways cycling can boost creativity, actually decrease one's exposure to pollution and improve one's mood.  On the other side of the coin those opposed to cycling to work list time constraints, weather, a need to go elsewhere before or after work or school,  parking availability; parking costs, safety from traffic and crime, and the terrain they have to traverse as major obstacles to regular cycling.

One of the biggest obstacles to riding to work may be that many of us are just  plain out of practice. Bike to Work Week provides some incentive and the opportunity to put aside the negatives, and get back on two wheels. So long as you do it safely, wear a helmet and and stay aware of your surroundings, biking to work this week might be a refreshing and invigorating change.  Energizing one's mind, helping the environment and getting some much needed exercise can help everyone bring a sharper focus to education matters.

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