Sunday, 30 December 2012

Showing Some Resolve

New Year's is traditionally the time for making resolutions for change and personal improvement. Resolution is a curious word with many possible meanings. Definitions vary from an intention or promise to do something, to acting with tenacity and purpose, through to putting a satisfactory end or effecting a solution to an issue. How apt! For many of us New Year's resolutions run that entire gamut too! They are formed with good intentions, started with some determination and are usually designed to put an end to some sort of challenge. offers a pretty common list of the Top 10 New Years Resolutions. They include things like spending more time with family, losing weight, getting more fit or healthier and helping others - all fairly positive and noble goals, but all equally pie crust promises, as Mary Poppins might have put it, easily made and easily broken.

In digital photography the term image resolution equates to a complex set of variables that can be basically summed up as the greater the resolution, the more detail an image can display. (I received a new digital camera for Christmas this year so learning more about resolution is currently higher on the priority list than normal!) The digital definition of resolution fits nicely with the other definitions in that they all require bringing the details into greater focus.

Its fine to make broad stroke resolutions for the coming year, but if real progress is to be made towards attaining them, success or failure will stem from the attention paid to the details! Education is often full of good intentions. Both learners and educators want to do the best they can but just wishing won't make it so. The proof of the pudding, as the saying goes, will be in the eating!

So this year whatever resolutions you might make,  I'd urge you to put some resolve behind them. Great efforts and solid results will trump good intentions every time!

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