Friday, 26 August 2011

Education Matters

Welcome to my blog, Education Matters. Picking a Title is always a tricky thing. A title needs to be informative and catchy. It should give readers a hint of what to expect without being too explicit or dull and direct. I like my titles to have more than one meaning.

Folks who know me understand that, as a teacher of English, I enjoy playing with words and challenging the ways people think. My former students, my family, and some colleagues are all painfully aware of my affection for bad puns and clever word play. (Well I think its clever - others tell me it can just be annoying!) That's why I'm so pleased with my title. Matters can be either a noun or a verb! I could be saying that education is important- that it matters (and it does!), or I could be saying that I'll be writing about educational matter - topics relating to education (and I will!) Its like when students used to ask me if the answer was one thing or another. If they asked if the correct response was one option or the other I would invariably say yes, and then ask them which one they thought might be the best and why. Some students were confused, others amused, still others frustrated by my unwillingness to simply give them the answer. The important thing was - they all had a response - and that was what I was aiming for.

Its what I'll be going for here too! No matter what I'm blogging about, whether its the importance of some educational initiative or simply a riff on the topic of the day, I hope to elicit some thought and response. After all, education matters matter - don't they?

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  1. Quote for the day and for the topic: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter @peace